Biovista BVA-202 and BVA-203

Biovista is a company based in Charlottesville, Virgina, USA.

It researches opportunities to re-purpose existing drugs.

It has been doing research on drugs known as BVA-202 and BVA-203 to test their effect on cell culture models of LHON and Friedrich’s Ataxia.   This research was in the pre-clinical phase in 2013 but there does not seem to be any more recent information from Biovista.

Biovista describes BVA-202 and BVA-203 as powerful small-molecule antioxidants taken orally, available already in Europe but not in the USA.  It does not say what disorder they are used to treat in Europe.

Presentation to the Licensing Executives Society

Biovista website – Neurodegenereative Diseases

This page was last updated August 21 2015

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