Plant Estrogens Phytoestrogens

The female hormone Estrogen is known to have some protective effect on cells affected by LHON. (20943885)(23748049)(24792485)(

Some doctors think that similar chemicals found in plants might be used as a treatment for mitochondrial disorders.  These chemicals are known as plant-based estrogens or phytoestrogens.

The idea is that they are similar enough to human estrogen to provide a protective effect, but different enough to avoid the feminising side-effects of taking human estrogen. (24720662)(24712520)(24606799)(24361291)

There is also evidence that plant estrogens can induce cell death (apoptosis), so more research is needed on the possible use of plant estrogens. (24299158)(25202081)

Soybean and soya milk is a source of phytoestrogens that has been used clinically. (26118678)(25441251)(25848676)(25587246)

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